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American Heritage Schools Celebrates Seniors for Another Impressive Year of Early College Acceptances to Elite Universities

American Heritage Schools, the top-ranked PK3 through 12 college preparatory school in Florida, is proud to announce that many of the students in its 2024 graduating class from its Broward and Palm Beach Campuses have secured early acceptances to some of the nation’s finest colleges and universities throughout the United States.


At American Heritage Schools, preparing for college begins as early as elementary school to ensure a well-rounded foundation that propels students toward their academic aspirations. By senior year, many students have identified their dream schools. Many of these students choose to apply to their first-choice college through the early decision process, demonstrating their strong commitment to a particular institution.


Many in this year’s graduating class chose to apply to elite colleges and universities, including MIT, Stanford University, Duke, Cornell University, Brown, and the University of Chicago. American Heritage students have experienced some of the highest acceptance rates to elite universities nationwide, solidifying its position as a premier institution that nurtures academic excellence.


Anna Shullman, a senior from American Heritage Schools’ Palm Beach Campus who has been accepted to Georgetown University for the fall, said, “American Heritage has definitely prepared me for a school like Georgetown and beyond college because of all of the amazing resources and opportunities that they've provided us here.”

Barbara Bomfim, a senior at American Heritage Schools’ Broward Campus, has been accepted to Northwestern University. She said, “The classes at American Heritage are like none other really. Our teachers are so focused on supporting our students and have challenged me to take classes that I never thought I'd be able to take before and discover that I love something new and that was super awesome.”


For an impressive 14 consecutive years, American Heritage Schools has held the coveted No. 1 spot for the highest number of National Merit Scholars in Florida. American Heritage Schools is also the No. 1 private school in Florida for nationally recognized scholars in math competition, science fair, mock trial, moot court, and speech and debate. 


“We are proud to see our seniors receive early acceptances to the universities and colleges of their dreams and see their hard work pay off,” said Dr. Doug Laurie, president of American Heritage Schools. “The impressive roster of acceptances is a testament to each of the student’s academic and artistic talent, dedication, philanthropic endeavors, and personal attributes. We cannot wait to see all that these students accomplish in the future.”


For the full list of American Heritage Schools’ early acceptances, please visit: 

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of American Heritage School


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