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American Heritage Schools’ Broward Campus Model UN Team Receives Top HonorsAt The World’s Most Prestigious Model UN Conference

The prestigious American Heritage Schools is proud to announce that the Model UN team from its Broward Campus culminated their remarkable 2023-2024 competitive season with an outstanding performance at the National High School Model UN (NHSMUN) Championship in New York City.


The School’s Model UN team achieved the prestigious “Award of Distinction,” the top delegation award for the entire conference, marking their fifth consecutive win in this category. This year's victory was particularly dominant, with the team surpassing over 400 schools and 5,000 delegates to secure the first-place position.


Impressively, 17 out of the 35 participating students received Best Delegate Awards in their respective committees, while 23 students earned individual accolades. The team members who earned the “Best Delegate” award included Melissa Bermudez, Isabelle Cipolla, Joshua Dobrinsky, Ty Holifield, Austin Klein, Maxim Kochkin, Ian Lumer, Alexis Lofton, Esther Oyetunji, Ronak Patel, Anya Pinto, Gino Santos, Evan Seifer, Shreyan Singha, Evan Soy, Allen Ting and Isabel Walchli. Additionally, Nicole Bustillo, Kayla Giset, Sophia Kreimerman, and Calvin Mathew earned the “Outstanding Delegate” award.


Moreover, 12 students had the honor of delivering plenary speeches at the closing ceremonies on behalf of their committees. These students comprised of Nicole Bustillo, Isabelle Cipolla, Kayla Giset, Austin Klein, Alexis Lofton, Ian Lumer, Esther Oyetunji, Sohan Patel, Anya Pinto, Even Seifer, Shreyan Singha, and Evan Soy.


“We are filled with pride for the talent and teamwork displayed by our entire Model UN team,” said Mr. Mark Gruskin, Model UN advisor and Upper School social studies teacher. “This victory highlights the students’ commitment to success throughout the season and is a further reflection of American Heritage’s place as leaders in education. This triumph also marked a fantastic conclusion to the Model UN careers of the graduating seniors, who showcased exceptional leadership and dedication throughout the season. There was a tremendous bond between all of our students this year. It was really special.”


Established in 1975, NHSMUN is the world’s largest, most diverse, and most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary school students. Long recognized for having the best substantive program on the MUN circuit, NHSMUN is known for its talented attendees, world-class staff, highly engaging debates, and academically rigorous material.


The NHSMUN experience extended beyond the competition floor, as the team excelled in the conference and bonded as a cohesive unit. Students participated in valuable interactions with former students, some of whom were staffing the conference or attending college in New York City, further enriching the experience. The event was undoubtedly a memorable and rewarding one for all involved.


For more information and a full list of winners, please visit:

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of NHSMUN


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