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American Academy to Host Webinar “How to Build Confidence in Students with Learning Disorders"

American Academy, a program within American Heritage Schools, is pleased to host “How to Build Confidence in Students with Learning Disorders,” a virtual event via Zoom on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. EST. This event is part of American Academy’s monthly speaker series, “Experts in Learning Differences.” Hosted by Alexandra Rollins, admissions director of the American Academy Program, the expert speakers for the January event are Ashley Freiman, Psy.D., Evan Mehlman, Psy.D. and Ryan Strosser, Psy.D.

Many children and adolescents struggle academically, some to the point that they are diagnosed with a learning disorder. This can have a profound impact on a student’s confidence and overall mental health depending on when the learning disorder was first diagnosed and the type of assistance that was provided. Yet, they can have similar success as their peers. One way we can level the playing field is by helping them push through their fears and develop confidence in themselves. In this episode of “Experts in Learning Differences,” three well-known practitioners with extensive experience using evidence-based treatments will provide useful techniques to help increase self-esteem in children and adolescents, improve communication skills and develop confidence in their abilities.

Dr. Freiman has over a decade of experience and treats patients throughout the lifespan of children, adolescents, adults and older adults. She uses a person-centered approach to collaborate with her clients and is skilled in cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and reminiscence therapies.

Dr. Mehlman is a licensed clinical psychologist and has extensive experience using evidence-based treatment methods to address a range of conditions, including OCD, anxiety, depression, selective mutism and Tourette’s disorder. He provides psychological, psychoeducational and neuroeducational testing for learning disabilities, giftedness, emotional/psychological conditions, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Strosser specializes in helping individuals who have experienced recent and past trauma and is passionate about social justice. Dr. Strosser has traveled to Guyana, South America, several times in the past year where he currently is working to establish mental health support for various groups, including medical students, hospital staff and providers, police and faith communities.

“Our mission is to help children and adolescents take control of their lives, face their fears and learn to navigate uncertainty with confidence,” said Dr. Mehlman. “We strive to provide a caring and compassionate atmosphere and create healthier minds and happier individuals throughout our community.”

The speaker series is streamed live virtually and all previous episodes are available for viewing at any time. The purpose of the speaker series is to educate families about topics that relate to mild learning differences and are relevant today. All of the speakers are experts in the various disciplines of each topic. The American Academy’s goal is to provide families with a place to ask questions and strengthen their knowledge about how to ensure the success of their child.

For more information about the speaker series, please visit:…

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Limited spots are available for this free, online, and live event.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of American Academy. Top image courtesy of Unsplash


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