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American Academy to Host “Conquering The New SAT For Students With Learning Differences"

American Academy is pleased to host “Conquering The New SAT For Students With Learning Differences,” a virtual event via Zoom on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7:00 p.m. This event is part of American Academy’s monthly program, “Experts in Learning Differences: A Speaker Series.” Hosted by Alexandra Rollins, admissions director of the American Academy Program, the expert speaker for the February event is Sara Kohn, M.S., director of Standardized Test Preparation at American Academy’s Broward and Palm Beach campuses.

Sara Kohn is an expert at motivating students to maximize their potential on standardized tests. She will uncover key strategies for the new SAT, as well as testing accommodations, timelines, and goal score expectations for students with learning differences. Kohn is responsible for writing curricula and implementing test preparation programs for all types of learners in grades 7-12. She has been teaching test preparation courses for 15 years and oversees a team of instructors at American Heritage Schools and the American Academy. Her work has resulted in the #1 and #2 private school ranking in Florida for the highest number of National Merit Scholars. “I truly value the chance to share my knowledge and experience regarding test preparation,” says Kohn. “I know how intimidating this process can be for parents, and I love having the opportunity to help ease some of that stress by helping to lay out a clear path to student success.”

The speaker series is streamed live virtually, as well as available for viewing following each event. The purpose of the speaker series is to educate families about topics that relate to mild learning differences and are relevant today. All of the speakers are experts in the various disciplines of each topic. The American Academy’s goal is to provide families with a safe space to ask questions and strengthen their knowledge about how to ensure the success of their child.

For more information about the speaker series, please visit:

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of AH School


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