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Amber Zhaoyang Wang: A Global Fashion Icon's Trailblazing Path

Amber Zhaoyang Wang's journey from Luoyang, China, to the global fashion spotlight is nothing short of remarkable. Mentored by supermodel Coco Rocha, Amber quickly rose to prominence as an international model, gracing the pages of over 40 magazines such as Bazaar, GQ and Vogue, and strutting the runways of New York Fashion Week. Now, she's set to captivate audiences in her first feature film, #MODELS WANTED, a poignant exploration of sex trafficking in the modeling industry. Beyond her professional achievements, Amber's story is one of resilience and advocacy, shaped by her experiences as a gifted basketball player, an entrepreneur, and a dedicated law student.

In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Amber shares insights into her multifaceted career, her commitment to shedding light on pressing social issues, and her dedication to mental health awareness on a global scale.

Miami Living (ML): Hi Amber, it is such a pleasure to have you join us today!  Can you share with us a bit about your extraordinary journey from being a talented basketball player in China in your teens to becoming an international model and now an aspiring actress?


Amber: I've always been drawn to exploring diverse roles and embracing new challenges at different stages of my life. This curiosity and willingness to evolve have guided me from the basketball courts in China to international modeling runways and now towards the realm of acting. Each transition reflects my passion for growth and a deep-seated desire to express myself in varied, dynamic ways.


ML: What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling, and how did your mentorship with supermodel Coco Rocha influence your path in the industry?


Amber: Coco is really nice - she taught me how to pose, and I practiced at home every day. She also helped me perfect my walk and instilled in me the importance of taking my modeling career as seriously as I did basketball. Just like on the court, it's crucial to take responsibility for your career and strive for excellence in every aspect.

ML: Could you tell us more about your upcoming film, #MODELS WANTED, and the significance of its message regarding the issue of sex trafficking in the modeling industry?


Amber: In my upcoming film, #MODELS WANTED, I play a complex character - a psychopath model who leads a double life that viewers only come to grasp as the plot unfolds. It’s a thrilling role because the audience doesn't realize the truth until it's too late, adding an element of suspense and surprise. What excites me most about this project is how it blends entertainment with a crucial social message, raising awareness about the realities of sex trafficking within the modeling industry. It's a powerful film that I'm truly passionate about as it allows us to spotlight a serious issue while engaging and educating the audience.

ML: Your experience with mental health struggles as an international student in the United States is incredibly relatable. How has your journey shaped your advocacy for mental health awareness, and what steps do you take to support others facing similar challenges?


Amber: My personal experience with mental health struggles as an international student in the United States has deeply shaped my advocacy for mental health awareness. Being in that position, I understand the challenges firsthand. Most educational institutions have their own mental health departments, which are excellent resources. However, the problem often lies in students not knowing where these resources are or feeling hesitant to seek help initially. Recognizing this, I believe that providing guidance from the beginning is essential. I advocate for better orientation about mental health services upon students' arrival and work to reduce the stigma around seeking help, ensuring others can find support more easily when they need it.


ML: You are currently attending Law School.  How do you balance such demanding academic pursuits with your thriving career in the modeling and entertainment industries?


Amber: I've actually already graduated, but I've always enjoyed keeping myself extremely busy. Balancing my studies with a career in modeling and entertainment was certainly challenging, but it was also incredibly rewarding. It taught me the importance of time management and staying organized, skills that have been invaluable across all aspects of my life. This dynamic schedule has allowed me to pursue my passions without compromise.


ML: With your busy schedule, how do you unwind and indulge in self-care? Any favorite relaxation rituals or guilty pleasures you'd like to share?


Amber: I love sauna and Cryo therapy! 

ML: As you continue to diversify your career across modeling, acting, and law school, what exciting projects or goals are on the horizon for you? Any dreams or aspirations you're eager to pursue in the coming years?


Amber: I'm excited to delve deeper into the world of cinema, with several film projects lined up in the coming years. My journey through modeling, acting, and law school has only fueled my passion for storytelling, and I'm eager to explore more diverse and challenging roles on the big screen. This blend of experiences continues to enrich my perspective and drive my aspirations, making every new project a thrilling opportunity to grow and connect with audiences worldwide.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Amber Wang


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