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Amalia Home Collection Celebrates 100 Years of History

The bed linen brand Amalia Home Collection celebrates 100 years of history and expertise in home textiles. To mark the occasion, Maria José and António Coelho Lima, founders of the brand, gather customers, partners, and co-workers in an exclusive event, on September 13th (Tuesday), at 6:30 p.m., at Paço dos Duques de Bragança, in Guimarães (Portugal).

Founded in 2015, Amalia Home Collection is an initiative by Sara Lima, US General Manager of the brand, who belongs to the fourth generation of a Portuguese family from Guimarães who specialize in the home textiles market.

Sara belongs to the fourth generation of a family from Guimarães focused on the home textile market. This 100 year history celebrates the Coelho Lima families involvement in the business that originated in 1922.

Daughter of Maria José and António Coelho Lima, Sara Lima soon gained a taste for the family business, she highlights her passion for the product with this distinguishing quote: "Our products are recognized worldwide for the high-quality standards that the brand offers, which fills us with pride".

Portugal itself is the main theme of the bedding collections, which are inspired by Portuguese culture and landscapes. "Our tradition is the main source of inspiration for the designs. Then we recreate patterns and colors to meet the desires of our customers," she concludes.

With the know-how acquired, obtained by 100 years of experience in the home textile area and the constant search for new high-end products, the family encapsulate the feeling of excellence with these Made in Portugal products.

Amalia Home Collection operates in the luxury sector in 24 countries, especially the United States of America, and has been increasing its presence in Europe and Asia. It currents features in the most recognized stores and department stores worldwide, such as Harrods, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Artefacto, Gracious Home, Thread Count, El Corte Inglés, Paris em Lisboa, among others.

Four generations of know-how

For António Coelho Lima, co-founder and CEO of Amalia Home Collection, his father and grandfather’s legacy were essential in building the business: "There was a feeling of humbleness and great respect for the human being". He believes that for a company to succeed and prosper, it is necessary to create a work environment where everyone participates and is part of the project." That is the legacy that we try to fulfil today, that everyone feels like being part of the company and that the success is shared," he says.

Now, António Coelho Lima hopes that future generations will continue this path of prosperity. "One of the proudest moments I have ever had with Sara coming into the business is the involvement and creation of the brand Amalia Home Collection, which is expanding the family legacy of professionalism and quality producing bedding," he concludes.

Amalia Home Collection is an ACL Impex brand, which currently has around 100 employees. The company was founded in 2002 and has experienced a constant double-digit average growth over the past 20 years.

About Amalia Home Collection

Amalia Home Collection is a culmination of 100 years of experience and heritage in the textile industry. Since 1922, it has been developing and producing high-quality bedding. Four generations of a Portuguese family have combined all their knowledge with constant innovation, creating high-end fabrics and designs to meet the demands of the markets. Besides being Oeko-Tex and Egyptian Cotton™ (Gold Seal) certified, it also has a wide variety of fibers available, including cashmere, mulberry silk, Supima® cotton, and linen.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Amalia Home Collection


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