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Luxury Lifestyle Management Services Released by Alta Vista Resources, LLC

Alta Vista Resources, LLC ― a leading luxury lifestyle management service provider for Key West, the Lower Keys, and beyond ― is pleased to announce the launch of its Alta Vista Services division. Offering bespoke white-glove services for absentee homeowners and lifestyle management solutions, Alta Vista Services is “Paradise, Personalized.”

Alta Vista Services provides reliable and highly professional solutions for luxury property caretaking and personalized lifestyle needs. The company offers hands-on estate management for private seasonal and vacation homes, including vehicles, boats, recreational toys and more.

With attention to detail and the desire to surpass expectations, Alta Vista Services’ professionals personalize each point of contact for clients. The team is comprised of agile problem-solvers who are committed to delivering authentic, meaningful experiences, allowing homeowners to enjoy their limited leisure time in the Florida Keys. Regular, thorough home visits ensure everything is working and ready for clients’ arrival at a moment’s notice, and Alta Vista’s lifestyle concierge services are on standby to make their visit the best it can be.

“With the launch of our Alta Vista Services division, we bring highly personalized services to the most discerning homeowners in the Key West area,” said Brandon Jones, principal of Alta Vista Resources, who owns multiple homes himself in various U.S. states and other countries, and created the company based on his own standards, needs and experiences. “At Alta Vista Services, we are dedicated to one profession: service.

“We are devoted to our clients, who want to save time and money while focusing on what matters most: living the good life and enjoying peace of mind,” he continued.

Alta Vista provides turnkey services to make clients’ return to their home leisurely and lavish. A clean, welcoming home is prepared in advance of each visit with attention to the smallest of details, from working Wi-Fi and TV remotes, to pool toys and patio furniture, ready for immediate enjoyment. Upon arrival and during their time at home, clients can arrange for additional luxuries such as a stocked pantry and refrigerator, private chef dining, in-home spa services, reservations from tried and tested restaurants, or specially curated excursions.

While homeowners are away, Alta Vista Services is a one-call solution that routinely oversees pool, landscape, housekeeping and other services. It also ensures the property is regularly checked to ensure any issues such as leaky pipes, odors, insects, rodents and mold do not go unnoticed and become problematic when a home is not a full-time residence.

Additional services include storm preparation and contracting preventative maintenance services.

Alta Vista Services’ features ― offered via a monthly rate ― include routine on-site services such as thorough property checks to care for and protect owners’ investment. This includes addressing any urgent issues identified, as well as preventative care to ensure plumbing, electrical and appliances are maintained. Tasks related to mail, trash/recycling and changing filters are completed, as well as managing yearly services such as HVAC maintenance, water heater and roof maintenance.

Alta Vista Services’ parent company Alta Vista Resources employs a 360-degree lifestyle approach, providing custom services and day-to-day assistance ― managing everything imaginable to ensure its clients are engaged and experiencing the absolute best that Key West and the Lower Keys have to offer. Alta Vista’s operations are based on clear core values ― its employees are dedicated, trustworthy and difference-makers. These principles provide guidance in all of its processes and everyday work. It anticipates the needs of its clients to provide high-quality, consistent service.

“At Alta Vista, our goal is to make a difference every day,” said Jones. “We constantly push ourselves to be the best and focus on solutions, and we are inspired daily to make an impact through our professional abilities, passion and hard work.”

Pricing is available based on the scope of services provided and property square footage, starting at $650 per month.

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By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Alta Vista Resources, LLC

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