top of page’s Art Passport: The Art World’s Golden Ticket’s Art Passport is revolutionizing how events and brands reach attendees, making the experience simple and more fulfilling for everyone involved. Up until now, city-wide fairs and conventions, not to mention their hundreds of satellite events, have been impossible to navigate, often listing events in a single spreadsheet that lacks any ranking or organization.

Whether you are attending events or hosting them, helps you be part of the best of the best

“’s Art Passport is the culmination of 10 years of art, tech, community and music experience wrapped up in the first ever ultra VIP scavenger hunt, taking you across the best of the best in Miami, certified by our fingerprint,” says Manuela Seve,’s founder and CEO. Sign up for the Art Passport’s Miami debut here.

Inspired by the Michelin Guide,’s fingerprint will play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of galleries, museums, and cultural events, helping guide art lovers toward exceptional and noteworthy artistic experiences. The guide's influence extends globally, contributing to the recognition and success of outstanding art exhibitions.

A curated event guide powered by cutting-edge technology. Endorsed by, enjoyed by thousands. attracts like minded individuals: those who have impeccable taste and care about the stories behind what they buy, and brands with interesting stories to tell. “’s Art Passport and Scavenger hunt series is an art forward, and ‘fomo-worthy’ blend of technological innovation, marketing, and gamification,” says Maiana Rose, artist, author and’s resident artist and strategist. “The best part is, it benefits everyone who participates. I highly encourage anyone with a brand, product, event, or enthusiast to join the bandwagon,” she adds. “It’s only just the beginning.” Collect Maiana’s limited edition map here: Digital Wallet (

The Passport’s launch marks a city-wide activation during Miami Art Week that is poised to reach over 500,000 impressions, kicking off a year-long global programming series that includes major conferences, events, and fairs, including but not limited to: NYFW, NFT NYC and a lot more to come in 2024 as the passport continues to showcase best in class events, sponsors and attendees.

The Art Passport will make its debut this week during the countless art fairs, events, exhibitions, and, of course, parties—including the iconic Mooon Party, featuring an AR experience by Metaburnett and Digital Things with guest Romeo Hunte, fashion designer and Tommy Hilfiger collaborator. “Together we are pioneering unparalleled consumer-to-brand experiences. This is just the beginning of reinventing how brands connect, engage, and leave a lasting impression in the digital-first era,” says Emily Burnett, CEO and founder of MetaBurnett.

"We are thrilled to be hosting's Art Passport at Miami Art Week 2023 with MOOON.PARTY! It's a groundbreaking IRL treasure hunt across Miami, where tech innovation meets immersive fun. We simply love it." - Kelly Max, founder Mooon Party

Along with Mooon Party, featured events include Art With Me, Fabel Miami: Basel House, Molteni&C, and more. Passport holders will also receive the premier roundup of the city’s most sought-after gatherings, including Planet Pleasure, Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary Party, and private collections with works by modern art masters such as Rothko, Basquiat, and Frida Kahlo.

This city-wide scavenger hunt is powered by geofence technology and cutting-edge QR codes. The interactive map boosts foot traffic to local events and exhibitions while providing organizers with valuable insights into their community. Passport-holders receive exclusive curated programming and exclusive access across partner events and brands. Each location boasts special commemoratives and rewards, offering participants the chance to win exclusive invitations and VIP access. The Miami scavenger hunt map is available as a limited edition digital collectible, allowing participants to own a unique piece of this extraordinary event.’s customizable passport is a game-changer for small companies looking to sponsor events that don't have a big budget. “Visitors found Mela Water and secured the exclusive Mela token at Alphaa's events throughout the entire week,” says Jennifer Sunnfors, CMO of Mela Water, one of the Art Passport’s emerging brand sponsors. “This 100% watermelon juice, crafted from real fruit, kept attendees hydrated throughout the vibrant week of Basel.” Collect the Melawater commemorative here:

The passport also revolutionized the way major events reached their audiences. Fabel Miami's four-day immersive Art Basel event on its iconic Wynwood rooftop drew over 2,500 guests. “We brought together the best-in-class artists, fashion designers, wellness experts, musicians, thought leaders, culinary masters, and entertainers and built an everlasting global community,” says Tara Delano, Fabel’s event curator.'s past projects have obtained global recognition. An immersive scavenger hunt and digital passport for Hamptons Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week in partnership with Metaburnett, garnered extensive coverage in notable publications such as The New York Times, Vogue Business, Women’s Wear Daily, Yahoo News, City Life, and WRAL News. As a women-led Web3 company with a majority of female employees, understands the importance of uplifting a diverse range of voices, and it is proud to champion a wide range of minority and female-led initiatives on its roster.

What’s next? The Miami Art Passport is just the beginning. In 2024, plans to take its passport worldwide, bridging the gap between art, music, entertainment, technology, sports, and more.’s next activation is poised to take the passport to the next level in partnership with the US Olympic breakdancing team, the Breakers.

"2024 is going to be an explosive year for breakdance, and as the sport continues to grow, digital platforms and new tech like what we are creating with can innovate how young athletes and communities of fans develop" says Amanda Taylor from the Breakers.’s Art Passport offers brands and event organizers valuable insights and a thriving art world network. Want to join the movement or explore sponsorship opportunities? Reach out to us at

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