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Aina Kari Unveils “Haute-de-Décor Collection” During Salone del Mobile 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

Luxury candle and home decor brand Aina Kari has just unveiled the “Haute-de-Décor Collection,” a new sculptural collection of high-end home décor. Aina Kari’s niche collection celebrates Italy’s history of skilled craftsmen while harnessing practical, ethical and aesthetic values.

Haute-de-décor is universal and unrepeatable, highly collectible pieces that embody the essence of Murano artisans unique technique of mouth-blowing. Asymmetrical vases and stunning Murano glass make these pieces truly memorable with their combination of Palissandro marble and sculptural bases with a satin finish that are hand-carved by stone artisans.

Palissandro marble is a natural stone, characterized by its singular veining and diamond-like shine, that is unique to the Crevola quarry in the Ossola Valley in Italy’s Piedmont region. Stone artisans must exercise strong attention to detail, from conception to realization, to transform the humble rocks into sculptural pieces. Mouth blown Murano glass has been recognized as the International Year of Glass by the United Nation General Assembly.

“The Haute-de-Décor Collection is a homage to Italy’s history and the skilled craftsmen who were able to transform humble rocks and fluid glass into something extraordinary.” –Marina Cignir, Founder of Aina Kari

The “Haute-de-Decor Collection” by Aina Kari comprises unique centerpieces, candlestick holders and scented candles— Vela, Hug, Venetian Knots, Arcobaleno— just to name a few, each honouring different materials as marble and glass. Together, they create the epitome of beautiful Italian-handmade craftsmanship.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Aina Kari


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