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Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade Country 15th Anniversary Season

Giuseppe Verdi’s score for Rigoletto is every bit as dramatic and moving as its story. Famous for his incredible toe-tapping melodies and exquisite orchestration, Verdi fills this opera with insouciant ditties, exquisite love arias, heart-wrenching duets and the most descriptive vocal and instrumental storm ever heard.

Rigoletto hates his degrading job and the jaded people he serves, but he has a secret treasure. Sweet Gilda, the product of a long-ago love match with a woman Rigoletto can only describe as an angel, is everything to her father. When his boss, the Duke, seduces and abandons Gilda, there is only one path ahead — revenge of operatic proportions.

Get your tickets today and experience the gutsy singing and grand music that stir your very soul. Opens tomorrow!

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Adrienne Arsht Center


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