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ACS Laboratory Joins “Automatic Slims Metaverse Marketplace” in Decentraland

ACS Laboratory, the largest hemp and cannabis testing facility in the eastern U.S., is pleased to announce its entrance into Decentraland’s Automatic Slims Metaverse Marketplace.

Powered by blockchain company, Blockticity, Automatic Slims is a virtual Metaverse Marketplace featuring four floors of dynamic experiences merging retail, education and entertainment. Visitors will find ACS Laboratory on the first floor, where they can leisurely explore the 3D lab or take ACS Laboratory’s Cannabis Quest to learn about the industry and redeem real-world prizes.

On the laboratory floor, Slims visitors will discover ACS Laboratory’s instruments and learn how to read test results from Blockticiy-verified Certificates of Analysis (COAs). In the process, they’ll realize how hemp and cannabis compounds synergize to create the unique strains and products they love. Those who embark on the Cannabis Quest will answer pop quizzes, earning virtual prizes when they complete the journey.

After interacting with ACS Laboratory, quest-goers will move to the second floor, where they’ll visit cultivation, extraction, and edibles processing stations, earning more points as they complete the quizzes at each one. They may even stop at the retail store to purchase NFT collections from their favorite cannabis brands.

ACS Laboratory’s Cannabis Quest is just one of several Slims Metaverse Marketplace experiences that allow visitors to learn about the industry, connect with brands, and ultimately buy safe products verified by ACS Laboratory and Blockticity’s blockchain technology. Other experiences include product treasure hunts, influencer podcasts, live-streaming music events, health and wellness company interactions, and digital brand activations.

“The metaverse is a new and exciting medium for cannabis users to learn more about products, how they affect their body and how finished goods are made. We are proud to be part of the cannabis metaverse community and look forward to harnessing this medium for cannabis compliance,” said ACS Laboratory President and CEO Roger Brown.

For an invitation to Automatic Slims Cannabis Metaverse Marketplace’s opening event this Fall, brands, consumers, operators, and influencers can visit

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of ACS Laboratory


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