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Abatey: Sustainable, High-Quality Wellness Products

Meet Mariel Muñiz, Miami-based founder and the creative mind behind the brand Abatey. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she always felt a deep connection to Atabey, the Supreme goddess of the Tainos -- the goddess that represents Earth spirit, water, and love. This belief took Mariel on a self-discovery journey, which included studies in psychoanalysis, astrology, Kabbalah, aromatherapy, and energetics of crystals. This array of knowledge is how the Abatey brand was born.

As a proud small business that uses sustainable sources and certified organic ingredients, Abatey produces high-quality wellness products, including essential oil blends, intention sticks, candles, teas, and heading jewelry.

Essential oil blends are custom-made upon request and are made from jojoba oil, lavender, peppermint, neroli, among others ingredients. These aromatic oil blends will uplift your energy and improve your well-being.

Abatey intention devices include Palo Santo wood sticks made with dried sage and dried rose petals. These beautiful wood aromatic sticks have been used for centuries by indigenous people for purifying and cleansing purposes.

Bring some light into your life with Abatey’s intention candles. Each hand-poured candle holds a crystal with healing properties that help balance the body, mind, and spirit. Delight yourself in the aroma of cardamom, rose, cedar, neroli, almond, tangerine, coconut, lemon grass, or honeysuckle jasmine.

Tea lovers can choose from an array of teas. The Soul and Aba white blends provide powerful antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. The Soul tea is a delicious citrusy blend that will improve your digestion and strengthen your immune system. For anti-aging benefits, choose the low-caffeine berry tasting Aba tea, which contains a high concentration of white tea, roses and berries.

Abatey also creates healing jewelry, such as the chakra kit, which combines the benefits of healing crystals with the soothing and healing mix of essential oil blends. The healing crystals work to usher peace, relaxation, and balance while aligning your chakras. The essential oils in this blend create a bright aroma that is woody, sweet, citrusy, earthy, smoky, resinous, and richly floral.

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Abatey delivers products that inspire love, happiness, and new beginnings. For more info, visit


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