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A Weekend in London with David Duchovny  Highlights Thom Sweeney's Latest Collection 

For Spring/Summer 2024, Thom Sweeney  presents a captivating glimpse into the quintessential "weekend in the  life" of David Duchovny in London, the birthplace of the brand. Duchovny  epitomises the essence of the Thom Sweeney man: timeless taste,  understated confidence, and innate authenticity. 

David Duchovny | Photos courtesy of Thom Sweeney 

With a career spanning over four decades, the accomplished actor,  writer, producer and musician seamlessly embodies the fusion of West  coast charm and refined British elegance that defines the brand's newest  collection. 

Building on the momentum of the recent launch of The Thom Sweeney  Loft in Los Angeles last month, the brand’s vision for this season is  rooted in the sophistication of mid-century Hollywood. 

The Thom Sweeney Loft, Los Angeles | Photo courtesy of Thom Sweeney 

Soft, lightweight tailoring is combined with refined outerwear, while  updated iterations of classic knitwear and polo shirts offer a variety of  options for dressing down.

To visit the Thom Sweeney website, click here

To visit the Thom Sweeney Instagram page, click here.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Thom Sweeney.


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