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A Smart Scale for Your Smart Goals: QardioBase 2 by Qardio

If weight loss is an annual goal for you in 2019, there are few better ways to support your goal than picking up a smart scale. The QardioBase 2 is one of the front runners in this category, building on the success of its predecessor, which helped launch an industry. Offering multiple measurements beyond just weight, and paired with a robust companion application on your smartphone, the QardioBase 2 makes it easy to measure and track your body composition over time.

The simple beauty of the QardioBase 2 is that it records your measurements over time, and displays progress and trends over time through the touch of a button on your phone. It eliminates the need to write down or remember the numbers last time you stepped on the scale—it also makes positive progress far more visually rewarding.

The scale’s smarts move beyond simple weight tracking, though. In addition to measuring weight, the scale can also measure the composition of your body, breaking it down by body fat, muscle, bone, and water composition. Finally, a Body Mass Index provides a single number to assess your overall weight goals.

These additional measurements are especially important if your fitness goals extend beyond weight loss, or if you couple a healthy diet with trips to the gym. You may not witness the weight measurement dropping as much as you’d hoped, but you’ll see the gains in muscle mass while the body fat composition diminishes—and equally good (or better) result!

If all the numbers just give you anxiety, the QardioBase 2 includes a Smart Feedback Mode which expresses progress towards your goals using a smiling, frowning, or neutral face just like you’d see in your text messages. Of course, the measurements are still tracked and recorded in the app for posterity, if you want to see how big that smile (or frown) should really be!

For pregnant women, the QardioBase 2 features a Pregnancy Mode that limits measurements to weight only during pregnancy (the electric impulses that are used for the other measurements can present risks for pregnant women and pacemaker users). After birth, the scale will help track expected health and progress back towards pre-pregnancy weight. It’s a cool mode that you won’t find on other smart scales.

The QardioBase 2 packs these features into a 13.4” disc that is less than an inch thick. The abnormal form factor looks more stylish than a typical square bathroom scale, and comes in “Arctic White” or “Volcanic Black” to match the decor of most modern homes. Its elegant design is a point of pride for Qardio, and indeed, the scale looks far more sleek than most smart home gadgets.

With haptic feedback, goal tracking, a rechargeable battery, multiple modes, and automatic detection of up to eight fa mily members, the QardioBase 2 is a fully featured smart scale that can easily help you on your road to a better body and a better lifestyle. If you’re looking to make some changes in 2019, there’s no better place to start!

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Story by Thomas Bender


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