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A Dining Set for The Contemporary Home - Curve by Emmanuel Gallina for Poliform

The latest addition to the Poliform dining collection attains complete harmony in a sophisticated and contemporary space: designed by Emmanuel Gallina, Curve is a collection of light and elegant pieces that, behind their apparent simplicity, hide an intricate crafting of solid wood. Classic yet fresh, the Curve chair interprets the latest living trends, between design and comfort to create a versatile piece. Set apart by its refined details, the Curve table ties the ensemble together by bringing a central element to the arrangement.

Poliform partners with some of the most well-known and exciting designers on the international scene, including Emmanuel Gallina who shared ideas and inspirations in developing products capable of interpreting the firm’s style and design culture. In creating the Curve collection, an exploration of the trends and a meticulous selection of materials and finishes, following an idea of the style that expresses its character and uniqueness resulted in the harmony of the tones, the elegance of the combinations, and the finest quality of the tactile experience.

The design process of the Curve line produced a focus on the materiality of the pieces, centered around solid wood. A special processing technology allowed to highlight the quality of the material by carefully refining joints and details to preserve the solid structure of the wood. To achieve a piece that is striking in its simplicity and elegance, the intuition of the designer was to lighten its frame and strip it down to its essence.

The Curve table is clean and elegant, where gentle lines meet visually remarkable details, such as the wooden crosspiece. To complement the wooden base structure in deep Spessart Oak, known for its very fine tight-grained texture, or captivating Black Elm, the crosspiece, a greatly expressive element, can be covered in different finishes of hide like olive-colored leather. Emmanuel Gallina conceived dramatic marble or wood with a delicately crafted edge as the perfect match for the rich color and texture of the table’s bottom frame. All these carefully selected details come together into a complete balance of shape and materials that culminate in a table that functions as a real centerpiece of the dining area.

Ideally combined with the table are the Curve chairs, characterized by soft curves and tapering slender lines that are inspired by modern design and result in classic yet contemporary pieces. To create a comfortable and at the same time refined product, the designer selected padding in a variety of soft fabric or luscious leather finishes. Providing a warm dining experience that meets the style of a sophisticated and contemporary home, the Curve chairs take exquisite design to the highest level of enjoyment.

Translating the Poliform polished lifestyle and latest design trends into actualized pieces, Emmanuel Gallina created the Curve collection. The classic clean lines of the dining set easily adapt to any space bringing out an air of refinement to the home. And the exquisite crafting of the wood in the pieces together with marble, upholstery, or leather imparts a lasting impression on the senses.

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