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A Beginners Guide To Staffing Your Dentist Office For the Holiday Season

You have a new job. You are finally in charge of a dentist's office, just like you have always wanted. However, you will find that one of the hardest things about your new position is keeping your office fully staffed at all times.

Unlike other offices, a dentist's office can be thrown way off schedule if even one person is missing. If a hygenist does not show up, the dentist will often have to do their job for them. Appointments go slowly when this happens, and they may even have to be canceled. This makes clients impatient and angry. Angry clients leave bad reviews and find new dentists.

Keeping fully staffed is especially challenging around the holidays. Your hygienists, dental assistants, and dentists will want to take time off, but you will have several options regarding staffing.

Dental Staffing Agencies

Traditionally, people who manage dentist’s offices have gone to dental staffing agencies when they need help. Dental staffing agencies have a database full of professionals in your area. They will take care of recruiting trained dental staff members, interviewing them, and getting them out to your office. In many cases, they provide background checks, license verification, and drug testing.

When you call a dental staffing agency, you will talk to a recruiter. It is their job to find you a temporary to work in your office that day. They will enter your requirements into their system and try to find a match for you.

Although all this may sound great, dental staffing agencies are becoming a thing of the past. A recruiter's job is not an easy one. On a typical day, a recruiter will have to place ads on different websites to get people to come in for an interview. They have to make time to interview people, test them, and perform employment verification checks.

When a dentist's office calls a recruiter, the recruiter will have to look for applicants with the years of experience and licensing required for the job. When the recruiter has a list of qualified applicants, they will begin calling numbers until they find someone who can work that day.

In many cases, the numbers they have will be out of date, and they have no idea if somebody can work until they call them. They have a lot of other dentists' offices to find temporaries for, so it might take them a couple of days to find somebody for you.

Dental Temp Apps

Technology has changed everything we do in our lives. In the case of dental staffing, it has changed things for the better. There are dental temp apps that make it easy to get someone to your office in a hurry. It should only take a dentist's office a few minutes to create an account with one of these apps. You will simply list your name, address, and your hours of operation.

Once your account is confirmed, you can start posting your available jobs. The best apps will allow you to narrow your search by the years of experience, special training, and licensure information. A good app will also have a system of verifying the background and licensure information of the dental professionals who use their apps.

When you post a job on one of these dental apps, the dental professionals in your area get an alert and you will receive a notification when someone accepts a job. You will have the option of accepting or denying that person, but once you approve a temporary, they will come and work in your office.

The dental staffing app TempMee, available in Boca Raton, allows you to pay for and rate temporaries the same way you would order and pay for an Uber. You simply approve their hours through the app at the end of the day.

Keeping an office staffed during the holidays is challenging, but if you use a good dental temp app, you will have more time to make your office the best it can be.

By ML Staff. Top image by Lesly Juarez-/unsplash. Chair image courtesy of Pixalbay


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