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3 Supercar Myths Debunked in 3 Minutes

Many people the world over love driving. There is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of your car and heading out on the road.

Songs, movies, books, and more have all glorified the automobile, and in North America, car culture seems especially prevalent.

Car enthusiasts have long been captivated by high-performance sports cars, often referred to as supercars.

Image by Toni Zaat/Unsplash

Their gorgeous designs, incredible performance, and top-tier engineering all combine to create stunning vehicles that many dream of owning.

Performance car rental agencies have sprung up across the nation, offering drivers the opportunity to test out these incredible machines at special events, or even just for the thrill of driving.

Over the years, some myths have sprung up about supercars, however, sometimes casting them in a negative light.

It’s a good idea to set the record straight, so here are 3 supercar myths debunked in 3 minutes. Myth 1: Supercars Are Built Only for Speed Can supercars go fast? Of course, they can. That’s part of the allure, but speed is not all that they have to offer. Modern supercars are designed with performance in mind. While this includes speed, it also means they provide an excellent driving experience.

Using cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and advanced aerodynamics, today’s supercars present the driver with unmatched handling and cornering abilities.

Speed can be exhilarating, but the tight control of a finely tuned machine is what makes the driving experience unforgettable. Manufacturers of supercars invest significant resources in optimizing the chassis, weight distribution, suspension, and more.

Their efforts often result in tremendous automotive innovation that eventually finds its way to other vehicles.

The standard streetcar has benefitted from advances in materials, powertrains, and other systems that originated with supercars. Myth 2: Supercars Are Priced Out of Reach for All but the Ultra-Wealthy We can’t deny that some supercars are incredibly expensive, even exorbitantly priced.

That doesn’t mean that all supercars are out of reach for the average car enthusiast, however. While the term “affordable” takes on something of a new meaning when referring to supercars, there are manufacturers that have, in recent years, begun to introduce supercars that can be owned by those willing to save up their money over time.

These so-called “everyday supercars” offer the thrill of driving a performance car without fully depleting your bank account, providing advanced engineering and performance mixed with a price point that doesn’t reach the stratosphere.

Examples of these could be the Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Landrover brands. Additionally, there is always the option of buying a used vehicle.

While many will undoubtedly prefer to buy a new one, a used-performance vehicle will still put the average car to shame while coming in at a price point that is more accessible for the average person. Although owning a supercar may require that you wait and save, or that you consider buying used rather than new, many car enthusiasts find that once they are behind the wheel of their new purchase and heading down the highways, all objections fade away.

Myth 3: Supercars Are Not Practical for Daily Use To be fair, this myth has some basis in truth. Some supercars are clearly designed for incredible performance over simple practicality.

You may also live in an area with notoriously poor road conditions, brutal seasonal changes, and more, where owning a supercar is not quite ideal.

In these cases, it’s understandable that you might not consider a supercar to be an everyday vehicle. In the right situations and locations, a supercar can absolutely serve as an everyday car.

Manufacturers recognize that there is a demand for greater functionality and usability.

In response, they have designed modern supercars in a manner that incorporates features for enhanced comfort, turning an eye toward greater convenience and driveability.

A modern supercar may feature adjustable suspension systems, for example. This allows them to adapt to a variety of driving conditions, from smooth urban settings to rougher roads that might have proven damaging in the past. Advancements in automotive design and technology have also resulted in an overall increase in durability and reliability, making modern supercars much better suited to daily driving than older models.

They no longer require the same degree of attention and constant maintenance. Drivers can now spend more time driving their prized vehicle, rather than constantly worrying about upkeep.

Don’t Let Myths Deter You

Have you long thought about owning a supercar, but felt that it was too impractical, too expensive, or suitable only for racing?

You needn’t let these myths deter you from owning the car of your dreams. Supercars aren’t just about speed.

Rather, they are a complete driving experience that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. While many supercars do come at considerable expense, not all are priced beyond reach, and even those that do appear to be beyond your budget may become much more affordable via the used market.

If you worry about spending a significant amount of money on something that is “just for appearance,” then you should also consider that modern supercars can be quite practical, with a great blend of both performance and everyday useability.

There are also options to rent a variety of luxury car rentals now to experience a variety of exotic cars at minimal investment.

Imagine Lifestyles in Miami has a variety of luxury car rentals that take rental cars to a high level of sophistication and status. With these myths debunked, maybe it’s time to make your next car a supercar.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Imagine Lifestyles.

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