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Climate Hope

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Climate change affects us all, especially low sea level cities like Miami. Last fall's COP26 climate summit showed grim prospects, but there is still hope. From the world's largest solar farm to a massive carbon dioxide storage project and a look at Florida's stance on climate, we dedicate this issue to some of the largest renewable energy projects in the works around the world.

Plus, Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele presents us with adidas x Gucci, a sporty collection; a stunning new jewelry collection from the house of Harry Winston, DIOR's dazzling 150-carat rough diamond, Audemars Piguet's reimagined Royal Oak Masterpiece, McLaren 720S Spider, plus a candid interview with American comedian, actress, and singer Catherine Cohen.

Issue: Jun/Jul 2022 | Page count: 354 | Released: 06/22

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