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World Excellent Products S.A.

World Excellent Products S.A., is a company driven by passion for excellence in gastronomy, committed to deliver unique products. The idea was born by a group of inspirational people that shared a common devotion to quality and innovation. We have the ambition of creating one of the finest premium olive oil brands, with sensational packaging layout and excellent product quality. Handing out an impressive design item along with the unrestrained symbolization of olive oil. ”
5 Olive Oil, is a premium line of products, from some of the absolute best olive crops in the Mediterranean. 5 Olive Oil's well-balanced, fruity taste and low acidity is a result of its regional origin in Peloponnese, Greece and its extraction from Koroneiki olives, the best variety available, as well as the highest quality standards maintained throughout the cultivation, harvesting, pressing, storage and bottling process. 


Origin & History 

A host of archaeological evidence reveals the existence of olive trees in the Hellenic territory since the Neolithic era, namely 7,000 years ago. The olive has been considered by Greeks a blessed fruit since antiquity: an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, power and beauty. Legends, traditions, religious and athletic ceremonies have relied upon it. The olive branch was awarded to the winners of the Olympic Games since 776 B.C. and in antiquity symbolized the peace and mandatory truce all over the world throughout the duration of the Games. 


5 Olive Oil was awarded at the 2012 Pentawards, the worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. "5" won a Gold Pentaward in Paris at the Luxury category for gourmet food products. In addition to that 5 Olive Oil was awarded over the international jury of experts at the 2012 Red Dot awards in the category of communication design. In the same year 5 Olive Oil was awarded with the silver award of ED Awards in Helsinki, the European competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. More specifically "5" won a Silver ED Award at the category of Packaging Food & Beverages, at the same time "5" won the first place winner in the Food B category of the 2012 Dieline Package Design Awards, the worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging. The latest distinction was at the New York International Olive Oil competition where 5 Olive Oil was awarded as the best olive oil package design for 2013.

Design Αwards

Under the marketing direction of 5 Olive Oil team and the creative direction of Designers United, we have reached a total of four worldwide awards for 2012, the golden award of Pentawards, a Red Dot Design Award winner of 2012, the silver award of European Design Awards and finally the package design awards of Los Angeles, The Dieline Awards.

5 Stands for Quintessence

Indulge your senses and experience the extraordinary and superior taste of natural flavors and an unparalleled quality of quintessentially good olive oil in its purest form. Without any additives, its purity captures the very essence of perfection through long tradition, supported by peak technology and gastronomical control. Our guarantee and promise resides within every single drop of 5 olive oil ready to ascent your taste to the next level of satisfaction.

Koroneiki Variety

In Greece there are unique cultivars of olive trees, such as the Koroneiki, which has its long history tied with Greece and did not grow in other olive oil producing countries until recently. The chemical composition of the Greek soil (rocky and dry) in combination with a climate favorable to olive oil (temperate climate, extensive sunlight and relatively stable temperatures without great fluctuations) enhance the olive oil’s organoleptic characteristics leading to the production of olive oil of the finest quality.

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