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Elemental Superfood: Gluten Free Raw Health Foods

Nicole Anderson, the creator of Elemental Superfood, began making food at home years ago because of her daughter's allergies to wheat, dairy, and sugar. If a product didn't have one of these allergens, it usually had the other, so her options of what she could buy in a store were close to none. Being a mother of a child with autism, she realized first-hand the effects that these foods would have on her daughter's well being. She made it her mission to research nutrition and food and the impact it has on the body. After seeing dramatic changes in her daughter as a result of a clean diet, she became passionate about creating foods that everyone she knew could enjoy and benefit from.
Elemental Superfood’s mission is to nourish goodness through creating nutrient-dense superfoods that delight body and spirit, harnessing the power of real foods to enable each of us to unlock our potentials. That is why they provide the highest quality, best tasting nutritional products on the market using organic, raw, gluten-free, Non-GMO, dairy-free ingredients. Their nutrient-rich superfoods are high in omega-3s and omega-6s, high in fiber and protein, with no genetically modified organisms, sweetened with organic raw honey, and with no refined sugar, as a pick-me-up, snack or meal replacement for people who are active, on the go, or simply want something naturally delicious.
Their first two products, the Superfood Seedbar, and Superfood Crumble are each offered in four delicious flavors. They are designed to be consumed as a nutritional snack or a meal replacement, providing functional benefits such as increased energy and a feeling of well being. The products are great for health-conscious men and women of all ages – from busy students, active mothers and professionals needing healthy foods to keep them alert and focused, to outdoor enthusiasts seeking strength and endurance. Kids love them too!
You can find Elemental Superfood in the refrigerated aisles or on Check out their Instagram @elementalsuperfood for original recipes and creative ideas from fans on how to use their Superfood Crumble.

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