New Year's Resolutions

From Crunch Master Trainer, Ryan Nelson                         

January is the busiest fitness month of the year at the gym! By now all of the New Year’s Eve festivities have worn off and you’re ready to get started on your New Year resolutions.  For most of you reading this, more than likely your resolutions involve improving your quality of life through health and fitness.  You’ve spent the past month game planning and prepping to execute your New Year resolutions. You’ve done all the research on how to accomplish your goals for the New Year. You’ve purchased all the latest tech gadgets and apps to help you keep track. You’ve bought new workout clothes and shoes for extra motivation to go and work out. You got rid of all the unhealthy food in your fridge and replaced it with everything fresh and organic. You’ve probably even hired a personal trainer like myself to give you expert advice to help you accomplish your resolutions and goals faster! There’s just one problem...New Year resolutions FAIL. Studies have shown that only 8% actually achieve their goals while 80% fail to even keep their goals. Most are attributing this large number of failures to setting unrealistic goals. But over the years I have concluded that the main issue is actually the act of setting a New Year’s resolution.

Trends and fads never last.  Believing that just because the date has changed, your mindset will change with it also is setting yourself up for failure. The first step to change is acknowledging that change is needed. The second step is committing to the changes that are necessary. The third and most important step is executing these changes. If the third step is delayed only because it is a “New Year’s resolution”, but when you first thought of pursuing these goals and lifestyle changes early in December or even November and sometimes as early as September/October, then your mind has already set itself up with triggers that your goals are only important because it’s the right time of year to do it, not because it’s important to your health and well-being, which will make quitting EASY once obstacles and distractions present themselves throughout your New Year’s resolution journey.

To ensure that you’re setting yourself up to succeed AND overcome obstacles when they arise, you first need to eliminate the notion that your goals are “New Year Resolutions.”  They are goals and achievements that you want NOW. Next make it a habit to act fast but properly prepared when you have new goals. Eliminate waiting for a certain date or opportunity. The longer you wait the higher probability that you WILL NOT finish or even start your goals. The more you train your mind to avert waiting or procrastinating, but condition it to act quickly, you’re insuring a higher probability that you WILL start AND achieve your goals.

So if this month motivated you to get in a better mind set, let’s use it! Not because it’s the beginning of the year, but because your goals are your top priority and you are taking action on them now! It’s never too late to start a new goal or even restart an old goal that you had once before as your New Year resolution and your health and wellness should always be at the top of your list. Time to be dependent on your new mentality to execute your goals right now with urgency. Most things in life that are dependent on the calendar changing over to the New Year doesn’t affect most people in a way where it will hinder them from improving their health and fitness. Every human being will prioritize what’s important to themselves and if you truly have high aspirations for improving your health and fitness or changing your lifestyle you will devote close to 100% of your mental capacity and effects towards pursuing these goals. Make your most important goals one of your top priorities in life and it will be achieved and you will succeed.

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2008 and a Master Trainer at Crunch on South Beach since 2014. My fitness background involves certifications in sports performance and injury prevention and rehabilitation with my education involving degrees in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology. My years playing college basketball, and also working with professional athletes who have excelled in their respective sports has allowed me to apply my skills at Crunch to help many people not only transform their bodies to their desired fitness goals, but also change and improve their mental health and well-being while changing to a more positive but exponential way of thinking for crushing your goals and unlocking all of your potential. Being a health and life coach at Crunch has allowed me to work with a very wide spectrum of people. At Crunch we have members from all over the world and my clients are all from different backgrounds, and they all have different goals. My job and passion is helping each one of them to surpass their original goals, but also keep achieving new heights beyond the new year and into their everyday lives.

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